OpinionShield is a mobile application for consumers to rate and review local merchants. Users can only review merchants where they have purchased something. How it works is that users link their financial account to their profile which then populates the app with purchases from merchants. The user then can rate the transaction and the merchant. From these ratings, a score is created allowing app users to see trusted and real reviews from consumers. Merchants can buy a membership to the merchant portal to be able to access analytics about their reviews and their consumers. They also manage review statements and interact with consumers.

I came onto the project to establish the brand, UI and visual design of the mobile application, merchant portal and the administrative portal. During my time on the project, I lead the branding, visual design and design production phases. For the last four months of the project, I stepped into the product lead role and lead the execution of beta testing, did the design UAT and launched the product for market.

    Visual Design, Product Lead, Beta Testing, UX, DESIGN UAT

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    VISUAL DESIGN LEAD, Product Lead

    DOM & TOM

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Application Design


The client wanted the application to evoke the feeling of trust, dependability and ease. They saw themselves more in line with financial and consumer review applications. We created two look and feel options - one more traditional and the other more modern and friendly. The client chose the more modern and friendly UI and screen layout mixed with more the more traditional blues color palettes pallet.


Merchant & Administrative Websites

We also designed and built a merchant portal for business owners to join where they could manage review statements, interact with consumers and get analytics on their ratings and consumers. The businesses could use this information to drive revenue and engage customers. We also designed a built an administrative website for OpinionShield to oversee the merchant portal and the consumer application.


Logo Design & Branding

OpinionShield came to us with a logo, but through the process of working together, they decided that they needed a new brand mark that reflected the modern look of the application design. They tasked us to come up with a new logo. I worked closely with our designers to come up with a logo mark that instilled the sense of the brand in a simple and iconic way.


Beta Testing & Refinement

After completing the build of the application, the client tasked us to do beta testing on the application. As a team, we decided that it would be best to have testers use the application in their everyday life for two weeks and journal about it. I lead the execution of the beta testing where I found and secured beta testers, did in-person interviews and compiled the results into a findings and takeaways document which lead us to design improvements within the app. See below for a few key design updates.


Updated Nearby Landing

The original landing screen for this tab was a map surfacing nearby business with their OpinionShield rating. We found the majority of users did not understand the map or what to do with it since they were in the mindset of rating business and not browsing for recommendations. To help transition the user into a different mindset, we created a curated search screen to help direct give context to the nearby section.


Redesigned the Connect Account Screen

We found with the original connect account screen would return to many bank/credit choices for the user to scroll through and most users would simply get frustrated and quit. To simplify the process, we surfaced the top 10 most popular bank and credit cards companies to the user but also allowed for the user to search if the needed.


Redesign of sign-in screen

During user testing, we found that users were unsure how to create an account when confronted with the sign-in/create account screen. We redesigned this screen to make the create an account button more prominent.